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Consumer activation is about consumer action through positive experiences and connections with your brand. Whether you’re tying to increase traffic to a website, generate more online sales, build an audience, or raise awareness of your brand, it’s hard to know where to start. Exploring methods of brand integration, setting realistic goals, and committing to a long-term achievable strategy is a step towards consumer activations.

Consumer activation is more than an advertisement campaign on TV, it’s a positive emotional experience that is relatable and engaging to an audience. It’s the difference between simply a purchaser, and a loyal customer or brand enthusiast. For example events, promotional marketing, sample giveaways and photo booths are all examples of consumer/brand activation.

While the goal of each type of consumer activation is different, Gatecrasher will collaborate with you and develop KPI’s in order to measure success so you can be sure your brand positioning will be a positive and effective.