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From the iconic red colour of Coca-Cola to the classic Nike swoosh symbol, brand identities appear everywhere. Billboards, TV ads, social media profile photos, business cards, pens, letterheads; the list is pretty much endless. Their business name, taglines, logos, colour palettes and imagery are a reflection and representation of their business, values and mission.

A common misconception is that a ‘brand identity’ is simply a logo, a pretty symbol or icon with some accompanying text – but it’s more complex than that. A brand identity is driven by a broader set of ideals or beliefs that are shared with your target audience and goes beyond the benefit of your product/service.

  • How do you want your business to be seen by your target audience?
  • Are you fun/professional/serious/casual business?
  • What kind of age group are you targeting?

When it comes to questions like these, a logo, colour palette, typography and tone of voice makes a huge difference!

If you’re looking for a brand identity that is a platform for a good story and reflects your business’ purpose, the team at Gatecrasher can revitalise, reinvent or product the perfect brand identity for your business.