Date Posted: 17/11/17

The question is – how do you get believable testi-monials?

Ok, yes there’s no hyphen in testimonials, I’m forever being corrected on my grammar, but for once I think I’ve got it right. The power of testimonials, a formal statement testifying to someone’s character, was superbly used by CANSA in their behaviour change campaign focused on encouraging males to check for signs of testicular cancer. Here we have a campaign, that let’s face it, had the balls to interview the balls.



There are certain things men just don’t like talking about. Their team losing, the last time they cried during a movie, and their balls. Well, this campaign absolutely delivered a strong case to get men talking about the issue to family and friends and most importantly, getting themselves checked out before it’s too late.

As a behaviour change agency, we’ve produced some hard-hitting campaigns that often are a bit more serious and emotionally driven to get the message across. What I absolutely love about this campaign is the humour connected to a serious matter. It shows some insight into how men think and behave, and what may just get them to check it out.

After all, if caught early, the survival rate in stage 1 testicular cancer is 100%.

As a South African, I also thought it would just be appropriate to support my hometown in writing and sharing this piece of work. It’s a well-thought out integrated campaign, utilising a micro-site, online video, and a Facebook page, to live digitally on its own and let the community create the buzz through earned shares. Well done!

As a mother and wife and surrounded by mostly boys, I understand their ‘pride and stubbornness’ to admit something’s wrong. I believe this is a campaign that can really talk to them in a way that’s not confronting or negative, but humorous and sharable.

C’mon boys we know you are actually deep down very connected to your “private parts”, always giving a little nudge, just checking to make sure they are still there. So, now’s the time to make sure they’re OK, and if not, get checked out to avoid saying goodbye!

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Getting to the heart of what counts.

Getting to the heart of what counts.

Ambiguity is not a state of mind we like to tolerate, so we often turn to the comfort of data and with it the quest to categorise and measure what we see in the world into neatly fashioned groups. But does this help or hinder our understanding of customer behaviour?

Getting to the heart of what counts.

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