The Overview

In 2015, The Sunday Times combined the Home and Real Estate sections, bringing together The Sunday Times’ extensive property content into one publication. Each section retained its brand, style and identity, merging into a flip-book style magazine. The Sunday Times trade team had worked extensively with industry to ensure buy-in. Our brief was to bring readers on the journey.

The Work

Creatively we went to work with the simple idea of ‘making over’ the Real Estate and Home sections. The newly created liftout was dramatised by showing a newspaper house growing and improving, with a paper man inside shown enjoying the new read. Celebrity judge of The Block and editor-in-chief of Vogue Living Australia, Neale Whitaker, was enlisted to provide a $20,000 home make-over as promotional prize, and added a touch of style to the campaign. The initiative has been a success, with continued positive feedback from industry and readers alike.




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