The Overview

While the relaunch of Masters has held overall market share and achieved increases in brand measures, we’ve faced a challenge in finding a functional benefit for Masters.

This year research emerged from the USA, finding that low fat choc milk has the ideal formula as a legitimate sports recovery drink. The science showed it has exactly the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to refuel post-workout. We had a functional benefit, and a green light from the client to move fast.



Position Masters Choc as an alternative to other functional beverages consumed in the sporting and fitness context. To achieve this we need to educate West Aussies about the nutritional and functional benefits of Masters Choc after a workout.



The audience is aware of and wise to brands pushing messages to simply sell more product. Therefore there is skepticism about the health and nutritional claims made by Masters, especially from a brand that has been for a long time known as a treat for fun occasions. We need to reverse this skepticism through developing the right brand associations and educating our audience.



Using social media channels, we want to inspire, educate and influence. Believability is key: use ambassadors and endorsement from elite athletes as messengers, rather than the brand, to generate a groundswell of support locally.

Josh Kennedy and Kim Mickle are our high profile sporting ambassadors – with the right mix of fame, charisma, sporting prowess and down-to-earth nature. And more broadly, engage social influencers to provide further evidence to the active lifestylers and broader flavoured milk audiences.



Key principles for our creative development included the use of video to educate with the ambassadors at the forefront, ensuring the balance of a serious functional message whilst remaining on brand, by having fun.

We’d also build connection with the right people in the WA fitness community, influence the influencers first. Community growth is secondary.



Elite, high profile athlete influencers and the social content (Instagram and Facebook) have been building our credibility and profile as a brand in a very short time. In the short amount of time the campaign has been live, we have been approached – mostly over Instagram – more than we’ve had to reach out.

Most importantly, we’ve driven sales growth – from 7% decline to 0.1 % growth. Strong results from the start of a strong influencer strategy.

The Work




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