The Overview

The real challenge for Masters is engaging youth. Competing with every drink in the fridge, plus other snacks, treats and distractions like our phones that occupy a few minutes, connection with young people in WA is the brand’s future.

Following a brand relaunch, Gatecrasher focused on four subsequent social extensions for Masters. An extension of the M brand idea through digital photosharing was one tactic that complimented the above-the-line campaign strategy, and used the distinctive Masters brand assets through the line – the M on the carton and the (in)famous Masters Cows.



  • Drive brand relevance, preference and engagement among younger WA audiences.
  • Align content with the overarching Masters brand strategy and amplify the brand for social sharing.



“Campaign of the year.”

Peter West, Managing Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks Australia

Masters brand metrics ‘is modern’ is up +29%, and ‘is fun’ is up +12%. Brand awareness, relevance and availability metrics are in growth. Gatecrasher’s creative ‘SuMMer’ idea is being rolled out to Lion’s east coast M brands – Big M and Moove – for this coming summer. That is serious acknowledgement for a WA creative agency from a company like Lion, which bases its entire business model on building profitable brands and sees a lot of high quality strategic and creative work across its portfolios.

The Work

The Masters Photobooth is a desktop and mobile responsive website where users can upload their own photos and add filters, frames and stickers to make their photos ‘More AwesoMe’. It’s an idea that was inspired by the photobooths that are so popular at events and parties. It also leverages the emoji trend and photo editing culture.

There is no sales catch to this activation, it’s simply about Masters enabling a spontaneous, fun experience. We’ve used Facebook to effectively drive traffic to the Photobooth, running a competition to win Masters Car Caddies as participation incentives. There have been over 900 (and counting) ‘More AwesoMe’ photo creations to date.


Promotional Poster

Social Involvement

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