The Overview

The flavoured milk category in WA is a crowded battlefield. Market leader Masters had been in slow decline, supported by a loyal older consumer base. It needed to find growth with a new younger market, and new arrivals to our growing state.

The brief to Gatecrasher was to relaunch the brand to appeal to light and lapsed users, while maximising Masters’ iconic brand assets and redefining the brand’s role in the consumer’s mindset.



  • Drive brand relevance, preference and engagement among younger WA audiences
  • Align content with the overarching Masters brand strategy and amplify the brand for social sharing



“Campaign of the year.”

Peter West, Managing Director, Lion Dairy & Drinks Australia

Masters brand metrics ‘is modern’ is up +29%, and ‘is fun’ is up +12%. Brand awareness, relevance and availability metrics are in growth. Gatecrasher’s creative ‘SuMMer’ idea is being rolled out to Lion’s east coast M brands – Big M and Moove – for this coming summer. That is serious acknowledgement for a WA creative agency from a company like Lion, which bases its entire business model on building profitable brands and sees a lot of high quality strategic and creative work across its portfolios.

The Work

We launched early 2015 with a significant integrated campaign, with television shot around Margaret River, large format outdoor across Perth, new packs, activations, the lot. The agency’s solution utilised both of the brand’s key assets in a powerful and fun way, while simultaneously redefining the brand’s unique role. Leveraging the bold, distinctive M on the packaging, the campaign is based on the creative idea that 'It's More Awesome with an M'. In other words, things are simply better with Masters. The cows, who embody laddishness and mateship, have a bit of cheeky fun inserting the M into signs and iconic WA place names that have the letter M in them. Basically, everything is more fun when you add an M.

Masters Road Trip - 60sec TVC

Masters Jenga - 15sec TVC



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