The Overview

This year, the WA Government made changes to ensure that all people catastrophically injured in crashes after July 1 would be covered for the care and support they need. To fund the new scheme, all drivers would now pay an additional $99 per vehicle registration.

Gatecrasher’s challenge was to devise a communication strategy that enabled the public to see the need for both the change and the associated price increase.

Research revealed that people didn't actually understand their existing cover and were very wary of the new change. It was also apparent that for many drivers, there was a strong belief that ‘it wont happen to me, so why should I pay’.

The agency’s solution was to demonstrate that catastrophic injuries can happen to absolutely anyone on the road and when it does, the consequences often mean a lifetime of costly care.

Clear, direct messaging that used everyday language such as ‘regos’ instead of registrations created a very sincere tone that cut through and didn't hide the fact that vehicle licenses were going up.

In the words of ICWA’s Kane Blackman, “this campaign has been observed as one of the best delivered by the State Government”.

The Work


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