The Overview

Oswald Homes has been a successful builder of high-end premium residences in the West Australian market since 1972. Two years ago, the company identified an opportunity to create demand for custom built premium homes designed in a traditional East Coast American style. This product would be differentiated from Oswald’s usual offering on the basis of a lower price point and specification level. The client briefed the agency to create a brand focused solely on marketing this niche product.

The Work

The campaign created by Gatecrasher celebrates the ‘Return of Traditional’, but does so in an intelligent and contemporary manner. The brand identity is a clever fusion of both classical and modern across all design elements from typefaces and graphics, right through to photography. By balancing these dimensions of old and new perfectly, the campaign is a true refection of the product itself which, of course, encompasses both charm and leading-edged functionality.

Traditional has returned - Press

Traditional has returned - Press

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