The Overview

Half Price Blinds is an ecommerce retail brand, providing made-to-measure online blinds nationally across Australia. They are a leading supplier in the online blinds space, servicing both residential D.I.Y, and trade customers.

Prior to engaging Gatecrasher, Half Price Blinds had partnered with an external agency to create and manage a national search marketing campaign, but the results were lacking. Whilst Half Price Blinds was seeing increased website traffic from its search spend, this traffic wasn’t materialising into sales that delivered a clear return on investment; the primary KPI. Reliant on only digital advertising, this activity was essential to the business’s progress.



Using our in-house digital expertise, we identified that there was a significant opportunity to segment the targeting of the campaign using informed keyword selection and a smarter account structure. We also knew how to undertake significant research to support the strategy we would develop and put in place, and that optimisation should be an ongoing process throughout the campaign.


The Work

Whilst creating Google text advertisements sounds fairly straightforward, creativity with copy, display URLs, and Ad Extensions, is vitally important.

The text advertisements were written with a clear understanding of both the brand messaging hierarchy, and advertising language that provokes action. They were simultaneously designed to attract the attention of a searcher within mere seconds.



Half Price Blinds 210% ROI to date, 40% less cost per acquisition

Gatecrasher’s approach to defining the problem and developing a strategy and process for identifying accurately the likely causes was rigorous, efficient and delivered unambiguously clear results. These outcomes informed the prescribed strategic and creative approach the agency developed with its usual flair and meticulous attention-to-detail. In the end, ours is a results-driven enterprise and we couldn’t be happier with the outcomes. The exercise provided substantial and immediate financial gains, helped build our awareness and formed the valuable knowledge base upon which future campaigns could be developed with equal, and possibly greater, success.

We were amazed by Gatecrasher’s scoping of the potential and delighted with the remarkable results.

Mark Brice Co-Managing Director | Half Price Blinds

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