The Overview

The agency was tasked to develop a campaign based on the premise that CIT gives its students an opportunity to explore their learning experience in a unique and inspiring environment, the bustling CBD. The core proposition was: ‘You learn more in the city.’ The rationale being that when you are in the city, real life learning opportunities are all around you; the largest and most significant opportunity being CIT itself.

The Work

From an internal agency thinktank, it was decided that the best way to communicate this message to the target was to utilise and exploit actual CBD streetscapes. Creative executions turned paid media sites into eye-catching canvases for urban art in the ‘Banksy’ style of graffiti. CIT courses were interwoven into the executions and then made to interact with the environment in which they were placed. Ground level executions promoting individual courses carried QR codes that passers-by could scan with their smartphones. The scanned QR codes then directed individuals to the relevant CIT webpage detailing the particular course that was promoted in the outdoor execution.

Out of Home

Out of Home

Out of Home

Out of Home

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