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When you think brand, the first thing that’s top of mind for most people is simply, ‘a good looking logo’, - which is understandable. A logo is a visual client-facing persona and is the thing that people have no trouble remembering. However, while a logo is definitely an essential part of a good brand, it is a lot more than this. It can be anything from a name, tone of voice, style of font, tagline, imagery choice, colour palettes and so much more.

If you’re looking to create a new brand, a sub brand or revitalise an old brand, taking some time to craft a brand strategy is a must. This gives you the opportunity to figure out your key messages as a business, how you want to communicate with your target audience and what your points of difference are in the market.

Gatecrasher can deliver a strong brand strategy and engagement marketing strategies to ensure that your brand reflects the values and personality of your business.