Date Posted: 30/1/19

Whether you like it or not, you can’t ignore it.

The idea is worthy and certainly an important message, but the execution didn’t resonate in my opinion. Cause led campaigns have been in the spotlight in recent months with last year’s Nike campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick garnering similar volumes of opinion and commentary.

The major difference as I see it between Gillette and Nike is that the latter was inspiring, it made you want to be better than you thought possible, while the former felt as though it was delivered as a lecture, from a brand that hasn’t exactly been the epitome of female empowerment in the past. The interesting part in all this is what Gillette will do next.



The right for journalists to investigate and report matters of social interest free from interference is a fundamental pillar of an enlightened and functioning society. The New York Times has come out with a hard-hitting spot on the value of truth in reporting, which oftentimes can only emerge from tireless and dangerous work. The ad uses video footage and powerful still photography from the Rohingya crisis to invite the viewer to question how information can be construed with the truth hiding somewhere in the shadows.



For something a bit lighter;

I have the utmost respect for Theresa May, all politics aside. She would be a frontrunner for having the worst job in the world right now and yet she perseveres with iron will. When everything you do is scrutinised and nothing is ever good enough, sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and tell the naysayers to fuck off. This promotional video from Studio Yes humorously taps into that feeling of despair using a supposed hidden camera to capture how the PM really feels inside the corridors of 10 Downing St.

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Antoni Buccini

Written By: Antoni Buccini

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