Date Posted: 31/3/17

If you’re looking to get into an ad agency and you’ve just finished university, you might be wondering what to expect when you finally land a role. I found out after joining Gatecrasher that my expectations of a what a creative agency would be like were very different from reality.

Here are some things to expect at a creative agency based in Perth, from my time so far at Gatecrasher.

A team culture

You’ll meet like-minded people at your agency and if you’re not a drop-kick, you’ll probably find something in common with them and end up getting along great. I didn’t expect to enjoy work as much as I do, and that has a lot to do with how great it is working with the GC team everyday.

The opportunity to challenge yourself

You can expect the work to get difficult at times, and it won’t always be glamorous, especially as you’re starting off and learning your way with clients, but it does get better if you engage and apply yourself.

To learn a lot

Your team are expecting you to ask lots of questions to make sure you get things right. Expect to feel like a pest constantly asking questions, but the last thing you want to do is assume, make an avoidable mistake, and add more work for your team, who in the end will need to step in and clean up after you.

Events year-round

Expect to attend plenty of industry events throughout the year. Whether it be the Youngbloods parties, the Oasis Ball, or the PADC Ball, there is always plenty going on so you can enjoy yourself and blow off some steam.

Overall, the collaborative culture at Gatecrasher means it’s efficient and naturally hard-working but with a fairly chilled atmosphere - I’d recommend it. I can’t tell you exactly what other agencies will be like, but if they are anything like Gatecrasher, it is definitely worth working at a creative ad agency.

If you’re a grad or just looking to start work at an agency, learn more about finding the hidden door to your first advertising agency or stay up to date with the Gatecrasher team and all things advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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