Date Posted: 23/11/16

On Sunday November 6th 2016, it was time to run, skip and hop to the finish line of the happiest 5k we’ve ever participated in – The Color Run. We packed our equipment, joined the Masters team and took to Langley Park in Perth to sweat rainbows, relax in the Masters Recovery Zone and document what was a fun, colourful day!

What is the Color run?

The Color Run is an event all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, making people happy and involving everyone, all while running and being plastered in colour. With WA brand Masters partnering with the event to promote active fun, it made for the perfect collaboration.

The Color Run and Masters

Masters was involved on the big day by providing runners with the Masters Recovery Zone. Runners could relax, recover and enjoy a free Masters Choc in the comfort of beanbags while they enjoyed the post-5k party.

The Masters Cows also made an appearance to greet and congratulate the colour runners, but more importantly to pose for Instagram photos!

The day

Luckily Perth brought out the sunshine on the day, which contributed to a fun and vibrant atmosphere, with a total of around 20,000 people attending. Our two stars for the day Matt and Lauren from Aspire Group took to the run to get colourful. With two of their highlights being the colour packets (of course!) to throw on each other and the festival vibes from the music on stage.

Did you participate in The Color Run, or spot yourself in the video? Let us know how you enjoyed the day!

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Caitlin Baird

Written By: Caitlin Baird

Integrated Producer, owner of the office dog (self appointed) and #yeezy2020.

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Steve - 1351 days ago
Great article Caitlin
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