Date Posted: 8/2/17

Can you believe that it’s February already? The last few months have been non-stop here at Gatecrasher HQ, and while our client portfolio has seen the addition of multiple high-profile Perth businesses, we’ve been taking advantage of opportunities to strengthen the account services team, and continue to deliver excellent creative advertising and strategy for clients old and new.

So let me introduce to you, our two new GC-ers!

New GCers

Firstly, Nicole Potente has joined in a senior role, coming from a background of multiple creative and digital agencies, and bringing with her a wealth of experience. Nicole will be Senior Account Manager to a diverse range of clients, working on campaigns around behaviour change and public transport, engineering services, land sales, and more.

Working alongside Nicole and the rest of the account service team is our second new recruit, Alicia Langa, a UWA marketing graduate and tutor. Alicia recently completed the Communications Council JumpStart program and has joined Gatecrasher with glowing skills in digital and social media.

There’s no doubt Nicole and Alicia will add value to both our clients’ campaigns, and the agency culture. Welcome to the team both of you!

If you’ve got a project coming up and are interested in speaking with us about our capabilities in strategy, design, digital marketing, production, or content, let’s arrange a meeting.

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Aimee Binstead

Written By: Aimee Binstead

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