Date Posted: 3/7/20

Before becoming a junior in the advertising world, I’ve always had an appreciation for quality advertisements and marketing campaigns. From the humorous to the heartfelt, I’ve narrowed it down to the top three that have caught my eye over the years.


1. Amazon: ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’


When I think about great creative advertisements, there’s one time of year that springs to mind: The Super Bowl! One of the most iconic Super Bowl ads would have to be Amazon’s winning ad, ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’.

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is assured by his staff when told Alexa has lost her voice that adequate replacements have been arranged. Alexa’s virtual voice is then replaced with the voices of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins (my personal favourites being Gordon Ramsay and Rebel Wilson, who all miserably fail at their job). When I saw this ad for the first time, I was definitely amused by all of the humorous responses!



2. Nike: ‘Find Your Greatness’


Switching gear now, here’s a favourite of mine that’s a little more heartfelt. Nike’s campaign ‘Find Your Greatness’ is an inspiring campaign focused around the empowering message that anyone can achieve their greatness. The world tends to have a greater focus on only the ‘best of the best’ achieving greatness, so Nike demonstrates how this is far from the truth. Despite your physical ability and circumstances, if you set your own personal goals you can achieve your own defining moment of greatness.



3. Gatecrasher: ‘From Every Quitter’


Before joining the Gatecrasher team, I was aware of the work done for Make Smoking History, in particular, the ‘From Every Quitter’ campaign. Featuring a diverse group of 12 Western Australians who recently quit smoking, the campaign shares their powerful message: “If you can’t quit with me, please don’t smoke around me.” Asking those who you are closest with, who may have smoked around you is a tough situation to be in. The authenticity of this message is driven home by the close camera angles and heartfelt delivery of each of the quitters.


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Written By: Abbie Harris

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