Date Posted: 23/2/17

Just one of the common barriers for smokers trying to quit is family and friends smoking around them. Asking loved ones that you’ve smoked with for years, not to light up in front of you, is no easy task. That’s why the latest anti-smoking campaign from Make Smoking History invited real quitters to deliver this heartfelt message first-hand, in the campaign ‘From Every Quitter’.


The powerful plea, “if you love me, don’t smoke around me”, is given by twelve people from WA, in interviews where they also discuss their own quitting experiences, and offer advice to others trying to do the same.

Running across a multitude of channels, including television, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the campaign calls for Australians to show their support for smokers trying to quit by sharing the campaign online, using the hashtag #pleasehelpmequit, and of course, not smoking around those trying to quit.

The emotive television commercial transcript reads:

This is a message from every quitter, to every smoker
Because I love my family, I love my grandchildren, because I love you
This is why I want to stop smoking
It’s not gonna be easy, and look, it’s nothing personal, but there’s one thing that I gotta ask
Please don’t smoke around me while I’m quitting, because it makes it so much harder
If you can’t quit with me, and if you love me too, don’t smoke around me

Make Smoking History is a not-for-profit initiative of Cancer Council Western Australia, committed to the goal of reducing smoking in our state. Gatecrasher has partnered with the Make Smoking History team to create and produce anti-smoking campaigns for fourteen years, and both organisations express thanks and appreciation to the twelve quitters who took part in this recent project.

Smokers looking for information around ways to quit and staying quit can visit the Make Smoking History website here.

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