Date Posted: 14/10/16

Pura branded fresh white milk sold in WA has always been made using fresh dairy milk from WA farmers at the Masters site in Bentley.

Taking on feedback from loyal customers, Lion has relaunched its white milk range in WA under the iconic Masters brand.

The team at Gatecrasher worked with Lion and its local dairy farmers to support the relaunch, even battling mud and rain in Lori’s (formerly) pristine white Golf GTR on the Armstrongs’ farm near Busselton.

The campaign is focused on the dairy aisle with packaging and point of sale, with support from press and outdoor advertising, social content and trade activity.

Look out for the iconic M at your local.

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Rod Killick

Written By: Rod Killick

Rod Killick has held senior roles at creative agencies in Perth, Sydney and London. He is involved with the Communications Council in WA and has been a guest speaker and judge at Curtin, Murdoch, ECU and the News Corp Young Lions competition.
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