Date Posted: 17/3/17

Following the success of two lotteries in 2016, that raised proceeds to fund their vital cancer research program, lifesaving prevention and education programs, and much-needed support services for the thousands of West Australian families affected by cancer, the not-for-profit is back with an incredible ultimate prize package.

Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery 2017 now selling

Launched on Wednesday 15th March 2017, Cancer Council WA’s Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery offers ticket holders a 1 in 15 chance to win from the pool of 4000 prizes when they purchase a $100 ticket for themselves, or as a gift.

The ultimate prize package is a $1.44 million home in Claremont, Perth, plus an Audi Q2 and $200,000 cash, valued at over $1.7 million. If that doesn’t suit, the winner has the option to take $1.4 million in cash instead.

Buying their ticket before 12th April gives the ticket purchaser the opportunity to win 9 times, eligible for the $150,000 early bird cash prize, all 7 weekly bonus holiday and car prizes, and the ultimate prize. The 4000-strong prize pool includes bucket list holidays, luxury cars, home appliances, entertainment items and gift cards.

How is the lottery advertised?

Cancer Council WA partners with Gatecrasher on many of their fundraising and behaviour change campaigns. For the Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery, the agency worked closely with the client to deliver initial audience research, strategy, concepts, branding and rollout.

With a target of 60,000 ticket sales by the closing date of 14th June (do you have yours yet?), the campaign spans social media, digital display, search engine marketing, online video platforms, television, mobile advertising, and more. It is a truly integrated and multiple touch approach.

How a lottery ticket will help beat cancer

Every lottery ticket sold helps WA’s leading independent cancer organisation to fight cancer with world-class research, support services, and prevention programs. As a non-government organisation reliant on the support of the community, initiatives like the lottery are what enables them to continue this vital work.

Each lottery campaign not only drives direct fundraising initiatives, it also increases long-term awareness and interest in the work the organisation does. Ultimately, every ticket brings the defeat of cancer closer.

You can buy a ticket and help bring the defeat of cancer closer at

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